Executive Coaching

Enhance Productivity While Protecting Your Image

All it takes is one manager with weak communication skills.  Suddenly, internal confusion proliferates, efforts are needlessly duplicated, wasted time escalates and productivity plummets.  How to move from problem to proficiency?  Our experienced coach works one-on-one with valued, but vulnerable, staff members to improve their writing and your organization’s image…instantly!  And there’s no need for costly travel or time away from the office — our coach connects with your employee by e-mail and telephone.

Not only does your staff gain skill and confidence, but you profit from an instant improvement in written communications!   
Here’s how it works:

Review and Respond

We arrange to receive all relevant e-mail, letters, memos and reports your employee writes.  To improve effectiveness right away – without compromising deadlines or sacrificing workflow – we edit and return pending communications so that they can be used at once.   

Analyze and Conference

We evaluate each writing sample, identifying areas in need of attention, including:

  • Content, Clarity
  • Message, Strategy, Follow-up
  • Effectiveness, Reader Response
  • Presentation: Readability, Visual Appeal, Navigation
  • Tone, Style, Language, Jargon
  • Grammar, Spelling

Our findings serve as the basis for a telephone conference with the employee, during which we explore in detail each of the troublesome areas, as we promote and practice alternate techniques and tactics. 


Recap and Reference

We follow-up with a written recap of each coaching session, thus eliminating the need for your employee to be distracted by taking notes during the telephone conference.  Complete with samples and suggestions that reflect the employee’s actual communications, these recaps double as a resource for your employee to have on hand for future reference.