Pricing: How It Works

You Control Your Investment

We charge by the hour to keep your costs down. In today’s economy, everyone wants to spend smart and save whenever possible. That means staying in control of your expenses.

Once you’ve approved the recommendations for your resume that we send you at no charge, we go to work, doing a substantial amount of work on your resume. By the time we connect with you for our one-hour online session together, for which we do charge, we’re fine-tuning – we ask questions to explore the specifics of your contributions, adding details only you can provide, and solicit your feedback to ensure the resume looks and sounds the way you prefer. Our rate for your first one-hour online session is $375, which we invoice via PayPal for your convenience.

Typically, at the end of the hour, we’re done! If not, we can guide you through the last few items on your own or schedule another hour if you’d like us to finish, even tackling your cover letter in any time that remains. Either way you choose, you’re in charge!

The Unlimited Package

For those who prefer, we offer the option of unlimited time and attention – ideal for candidates with lengthy careers, detailed accomplishments,  tight schedules or when the need arises for more than one version of a resume or CV.  For a one-time fee of $2500, we connect via e-mail, telephone and online, privately and as often as needed to create one or more versions of your resume and cover letter, as warranted, and to help you formulate interview strategies. The result: a polished, professional package you can use quickly and with confidence.  Need changes later? That’s included, too!