“I just landed my dream job…there is no question that it was due, in a major way, to my resume. It got their attention by presenting my experience in a way I never would have thought of or been able to do on my own.”

-Susan C., Senior Executive, Financial Services


 “At last, top-notch resume guidance at a price everyone can afford. And given that your participation is completely anonymous, there are no confidentiality or privacy issues whatsoever. It’s about time somebody made superior support available to all, not just wealthy jobhunters!”

-Brian K., Management Consultant


After 12 years of working for my company, my job was eliminated.  I talked to a few recruiters, e-mailed resumes to prospects but did not get a single response.  A recruiter advised that resumes have changed formats, that I should go to an expert and recommended Sandra so I sent her my old resume.  She contacted me immediately.  Within a few days, I had a beautiful well-written resume.  After I sent the new resume, I started to get interviews and was often complimented on my resume.  Within a month, I had a job. 

When my daughter graduated college, I wanted the best for her so I contacted Sandra again.  Though my daughter had little experience, Sandra made the resume look fantastic.  She can make both a person with hardly any experience and one with many years of experience look great.  She told me exactly what she was going to do and why.  My daughter graduated in May and began her first teaching job in September.    

I recommend Sandra because I have seen the results.  She can word things well, knows what the employer is looking for in a resume, creates an effective format and she works with you.  She will not stop until you are completely satisfied.  It is well worth the money. 

-Carol C., Corporate Executive and Proud Parent of Third Grade Teacher


“Thank you so much for your help! You made the experience interesting, smooth and easy-going.”

-Tony D., Advertising Account Manager


“My new resume was instrumental in landing a great job right away! You really helped me balance my college coursework, internships and summer jobs and make them all sound impressive. The profile you wrote describes my abilities and strengths perfectly. I don’t think I could have written that myself. And the whole thing was so easy!”

-Brooks B., Gonzaga University


“Amazing. I didn’t know how to make my summer jobs and class studies relate to the business world but Sandra did. My resume looks fantastic and it was fun working with her! Good thing she coached me on meeting with people, too, because the resume is really helping me network and land interviews. My advice? Stop procrastinating and sign up now!”

-Ed T., Dartmouth 2010


“Thank you for all your help and insight. It’s nice to work and connect with someone who gets it.”

-Dave M., Web Marketing Specialist


 “I could not have asked for a better experience, I had a lot to put on my resume but needed to make information concise and understandable for potential employers. Sandra was able to streamline the information into a short but comprehensive document that emphasized my educational background and professional work experiences in the field. As a prospective professional in the field of education and mental health, I will work with Sandra to enhance my resume even more in the near future!”

-Justin P., Southern Connecticut State University


“Everyone should do this. It’s the perfect jumpstart. Not only is my resume much, much stronger, I’m so motivated and enthusiastic, I want to run out and apply for jobs right now!”

-Martha C., Fund Raising Executive


“Thank you so much for all of your help! It looks wonderful; I never would have thought to structure it this way — very impressive! I can see why your business gets such positive reviews!”

-Diane P., High School Teacher


 “Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! They are all truly insightful and I am very grateful.”

-Gerry R., Investment Banker

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